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I been a  target of the botnet and hackers since aug 2008.

  from one(or at least 3) of the orignal creators of the botnet.  each time i worked around it, they immediatly fixed the flaw.  there is a lot more to it than being explained such as the dual band packet injections in the airwaves to break in.  the botnet acually always has 2 connections to each machine.  it uses both  sides of your connection to break through any defense.   

i still belive that i am a command and control center of a botnet since the date mentioned.  i can tell you how it was back then and every step of how it got towhere it is now.  i got to see every hack through my systems such as twitter docs and dns server shutdowns and parsing script injections  and all others.    i talked to 3 of the hackers due to errors they made march 31st  leading to their identity.   nov 15 – 17 of 2009 was the f irst major change since its  deployment in apr.   i was getting random black screens on my machines that led to driver alterations as he made programming changes  before he spread it to everyone else.   this was followed by port 443  instead of high number ports used in the 200o ping returns every hour. since feb 2009

Shortly after, all my machines was stuck in a reboot safemode loop after a shutdown.   as expected, i went to the msft site to see if a lot of people complained and they did.   

The next was dec 13 2009  after the hacker removed a lot of the the worm’s  invisible blanket.  this was followed by some blue screens eather from NULL errors or volmgr.exe still connected

in the last 2  days, there been changes that i bet you will experience that is new.   one being the low hard drive space linked to the hidden alterations of your max drive space to 40 gigs allowing him to connect through his smartphone.     

and one important to remember is that soon you will get new internet not responding popups  from internet explorer that use to have white screens from frozen thread.   it was replaced by a 2nd popup saying that the internet explores where removed and replaced and the sites brought back up.     this tells me that he is trying harder to make it undetectable as always before.  once perfected, im sure that this hacker will have unlimited backdoor access to a lot of servers.  we need to end this now.     the original hacker used a shutdown code when i finally broke through his blocks and explaine the source.   3 days later, it came back.   if we can use that code from this person that i have his info, we can remove a system that the kiddie hacker depend on for their botnets.    they are using a system already in place.  the hackings will almost halt.